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Are you a marketing manager or coordinator, Personal Assistant, or HR Manager who needs assistance with a promotional marketing campaign?

The Brand Makers specialise in making your job easier by taking care of the planning, strategy, and execution of your campaign, and delivering on-time every time.

Why Choose the brand makers

We Care About the Outcome

Results Driven

Every piece of content, promotional item and marketing activity you’ll implement during your time with us is designed to fit into a targeted strategy, helping you to target the right customer, in the right way, at the right time.

Built For Growth

Whether it’s an additional offer, a high value new client or just a boost in revenue we help you engage people in meaningful ways, assisting your business to reach new heights. Building your brand is the core of everything we do.
Partnering with You

Partnering With You

We aim to facilitate the kind of professional relationship where you see us as less of a simple order-taker, and more of a partner: someone who’s always on hand to assist – no matter the query, no matter the time.

We Love Working With Marketing Teams!

Our team has the ability to fit in with yours, and adapt to your business and marketing objectives – we can communicate directly with you and your marketing team, and regardless of the size of your organisation’s marketing department, we’re able to fit in where you need us.

Growing and protecting your brand is a top priority for our team, so we act as an extension of your marketing department when needed, being present during key meetings and important events.

GCPP Promo

Drive Your Brand Further

Promotional product marketing is more than just handing out branded pens or hats.

It’s easy to spend money on promotional products – where we fit into the picture is ensuring that you spend on products teamed with an ideal strategy, to hit your ideal target market custom and open brand new opportunities for your business.

Whether it’s promo items, uniforms, gifts, printing, signage, retail merchandise or anything else in our virtually unlimited inventory, we will match it with the right ideas to assist in your revenue growth goals.


To enquire about specific strategies, ideas, and pricing, we encourage you to get in touch using the form below.

We respond to all requests within 4 business hours.