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Branded Corporate CHRISTMAS Gifts

Looking For Festive Branded Products & Christmas-Themed Client and Staff Gifts For Your Business?

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Complement Your Brand

The idea of a gift is to show appreciation to a person, but also to add value to your business.  Wine says “I left it late this year”, whereas a useful luxury item that carries your brand is sure to be received well.

A Blank Canvas to Design From

Event-Specific Sales Material

Our team will assist yours to develop banners, signs and striking promotional material to advertise your Black Friday, Christmas and Boxing Day sales.

A Strategic Approach

Delivered To Your Door

Fast local delivery is available for all of your Christmas-themed promotional products and branded material, so you’ll have everything you need on time.

Backyard Vintage Table Tennis Set



Every piece of content we create for you is designed to fit in with a greater strategy, ensuring you’re targeting the right customer, in the right way, at the right time.

Growth Mindset

Building your brand is at the core of everything we do – we help you engage your customers in meaningful ways, assisting your business to reach new heights.

Partnering Up

Rather than a mere order-taker, we want to be your partners in business – our team is always on-hand to assist yours, no matter the query, no matter the time. Come to us with a problem and we’ll provide you with the right solution.


Flip through our ideas catalogue to find the perfect corporate chirstmas gifts this year!

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We’d love to hear from you this Christmas.

The Brand Makers team is ready and waiting to assist you and your team in choosing the perfect branded corporate Christmas gifts for your individual needs and goals.

Identifying the right product for the right person, along with the most opportune moment in your business relationships during which to have your gifts delivered, is absolutely key.

Whether you’re keen to surprise and delight, or the tone is more sombre.
Whether your target is a corporate client, local supplier or anyone else in your business network.

Our team is here to support yours to select the most fitting gift for the recipient, branded to perfection and guaranteed to paint your brand in the best possible light, ensuring you and your company are remembered for all

Backyard Cricket Set

Why Corporate Christmas Gifts

A Fun Spin On Traditional Marketing

Supplement your traditional and online marketing and promotional activities with a fun and eclectic mix of branded Christmas gifts – the two will complement each other marvellously, aiding in keeping you and your brand in your customers’ memories – and their hearts.

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Meaningfully Engage With Your Audience

When you engage more personally with your prospects through corporate Christmas gifts, you increase the chance of securing their business; when you deepen your relationships with existing customers, you ensure they remain fiercely loyal to your business.

Suitable For All Of Your Business’s

From a promotional perspective, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more personalised, targeted and ultimately charming approach to direct marketing – every one of your business’s stakeholders – along with their wants and needs – is catered for.

Front Of Mind When It Matters Most

You’ll be left with a final result that bears both your corporate logo and your colours and branding, meaning the recipient of your gift not only gets to enjoy your thoughtful gift, but is reminded of you, your company and the products and services you proudly offer.
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Drop Us A Line!

The Brand Makers are proudly partnered with and reliably served by a robust network of domestic and international suppliers, offering every gift and promotional product you could possibly dream of. Check out the below for some of our main categories, and get in touch any time to check if we can provide what you’re after… (hint: we can).

Who To Give Corporate Gifts

Deepen your relationships with all those who your business comes into contact with Help them to remember who you are, what you do and why you do it.

Backyard Vintage Table Tennis Set

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