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The Brand Makers Story

Learn a little about where we’ve come from, & where we’re headed.

Our team once redefined the promotional marketing industry and we’re at it again.  It’s all in the name – we live and breathe all things branding, and helping to power and enhance your brand is what we do best. A story of passion, where creativity and logic fuse – where a genuine excitement for our client’s brands are combined with a deep level of strategy & forward-thinking.  Our people want to be more than your partner, your contractor or your outsourced team. We want to be your ally. Developing a relationship that’s built upon a drive to see you and your company succeed is the only kind of relationship we’re interested in.  It’s also one of the reasons why our team has one of the best reputations in the industry.

And, with the right product, strategic placement and a message that’s on point, there is simply no limit to the things we can achieve together.

The Power Of Your Brand Unleashed

You understand how powerful a strong brand can be – you don’t need us telling you that.
When you choose the Brand Makers, you’re directly benefitting from decades of
collective experience, as well as a team that seeks to know you and your business

Most importantly, you’ll work alongside a team that shares their insights with you. All cards on the table. Every hair-brained, wacky idea. Every creative thought and left-of-field concept. If we think it could help your brand reach new heights, we can’t wait to share it with you.

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Why Brand Makers

Our team loves to create amazing branded merchandise, as well as sharing with you insights on the value that can be won with the right product, at the right time.

You aren’t just buying a promotional product; you’re working with a crew who knows their
business, and are setting you on a path to looking great and achieving everything you’ve dreamed of.

Our mission is to add value to every interaction with you, empowering you in the process – to engage and delight your audience in new ways. It’s how we make long-term, happy and successful relationships (and it’s the reason that our team have supported over 8,000 clients, and counting).

There are key moments when promotional products excel

Celebrating your staff, suppliers and customers at Christmas – is one of those moments.  

And it’s coming up fast!  Plan now.

We've officially moved into our new showroom! Come see us at 3/55 Newheath Drive, Arundel (and receive a free gift with your visit)

The Process

What We Do (Really, Really Well)

Marketing Ideas

Marketing Ideas

Brainstorming and developing product &
campaign ideas to solve the marketing needs of your business, organisation, Government agency or not-for-profit cause.

OEM design

OEM design

Looking for something completely bespoke (or show stopping)? With our in-house creative and an ability to produce in Australia or around the world, you’re in good hands with us.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

We provide design services including logo design, stationery, packaging, web design and print/digital sales collateral. Our network extends to professional photographers, web designers and so much more.

Sourcing & Manfacturing

Sourcing & Manfacturing

When ideas become reality – with a multitude of production options – we recommend a solution that suits your (timing, budget and finishing needs).  We quality control at multiple stages and 100% back our product.



We’ve completed production, now it’s time to get the product into your hands, your office or staff network, or perhaps individually delivered to your prospects’ office or home.



We can store, pick, pack and deliver any of your
print, promotion, uniforms and branding. You get the benefit of bulk production, but the convenience of speedy, delivery as and when needed.  Our programs reduce your admin burden.

Want your business to be loved by us?

Reading words can be nice, but the only way this relationship moves forward is once we get a look under your hood, hear about your business and marketing goals.  

From here, the magic really happens – so what are you waiting for?  Let’s talk!