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Need High-Quality, Industry-Standard Uniforms For Your Team?

The Brand Makers Create Custom Uniforms & Branded Wearables For Workers Of All Industries.


Why Us

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Fit For Purpose; Built To Last

For many industries, uniforms and workwear aren’t just for aesthetics – we understand this, and assure you that, regardless of your industry and circumstances, you’ll be delivered high-quality clothing and accessories that are built to last.
A Blank Canvas to Design From

100’s Of Options To Choose From

Choose from a massive range of different colour, size, style and material options, and apply them to an array of tops and t-shirts, pants, shorts, skirts and dresses, outerwear, jumpers and sweats and everything in between, as well as headgear and other branded accessories.
A Strategic Approach

Meeting Regulatory & Industry Requirements

If your occupation requires uniforms with a level of protection, such as jobs involving manual labour, we guarantee that the uniforms we provide you and your team meet these requirements and industry standards, helping to keep you protected on the job.
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Why Brand Makers For Your Uniform Fit-Out

Simply put: industry-leading attention to detail.

Throughout a near two-decade timespan, our team have been providing quality branded workwear, uniforms and accessories to teams like yours all over the country.

As with all of our services, a deep level of strategy underscores our uniform fit-out service, with consistent colouring, prime logo placement, consistency of styling, adapting to male and female variants and more.

No detail goes missed, and no stone goes unturned in making sure opportunities for branding are maximised, helping your team become proud mobile promoters of your brand.

Drop Us A Line!

We’d love to hear from you!

The Brand Makers team is ready and waiting to assist you and your team in conceptualising the perfect uniform for your needs and goals, and adapting that solution to every member of your team.

Uniforms are an integral part of your organisation’s branding strategy – getting your uniform fit-out right can make all the difference in how your team, your brand and your whole identity is perceived both in and out of your regular working capacity.

So if you’re looking for a uniform design that your employees and team members are proud of, get in touch below – we’d love to hear from you.

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Why Branded Uniforms

A Strategic Approach

Before the uniform fit-out process has even begun, our people will sit down with your people, working alongside you to develop an initial strategy that determines what you’re looking to achieve, who will be wearing the uniforms and where they’ll be wearing them.
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Creative Input Welcome

The Brand Makers team prides itself on its collaborative approach. We want as many members of your team involved in the design and conceptualisation process as possible, offering their opinions and creative input in key decisions and design elements.

Highest Quality Materials

Having been around for as long as we have, The Brand Makers have built up a trusted network of providers, suppliers and distributors. Due to the ultra-high quality materials used throughout the manufacturing process, you’ll end up with the most comfortable, most breathable and longest-lasting uniforms and workwear available anywhere in Australia.
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Uniforms For All People, Everywhere

The Brand Makers are proudly partnered with and reliably served by a robust network of domestic and international suppliers, offering every style of uniform and piece of workwear you could ever need or imagine.

More than that, we cater to just about every industry working in Australia today. Check out the below for some of our main categories, and get in touch anytime to check if we can provide what you’re after… (hint: we can).

Who This Will Benefit

Wondering about the utility and benefit of a truly great set of uniforms?

High quality, professionally-designed and manufactured clothing and accessories helps solidify your brand and image in the public eye.

Consider the below groups who come into contact with your business and its people on a daily basis:

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We’ve helped build over 8,000 Australian

brands so far

Pricing & Quote Request

To enquire about specific pricing, we encourage you to get in touch using the form below, where we’ll discuss
your needs and your goals, and develop a solution and exact quote.

We will come back to you within four hours with your solution (because we don’t like waiting long either).