Make An Enduring Impression With Promotional Branded Bags
Brand recognition and evoking brand curiosity is a huge factor in your business’s future growth, and a branded bag has the potential to catapult your company into new realms of profitability at a fraction of what traditional advertising would cost you.

As with many fashion items and labels, bags have the potential to be attention-grabbing mobile billboards for a brand. They’re often sported in public, seen potentially by hundreds of new people daily, and the right design and styling combination will grab attention and entice curiosity in people who see them. While a newspaper ad or flash promotion may bring you lots of exposure, our custom-branded promotional bags, Gold Coast, is an enduring advertisement for your business that will continue to market your brand for as long as it’s used.

Our Selection Of Quality Promotional Products
Our selection of promotional bags cater for every conceivable purpose, ranging from backpacks to fashionable tote bags, laptop bags to gym bags, lunch cooler bags to grocery shopping bags – no potential opportunity or scenario to advertise your brand is overlooked!  Spoil your staff with branded lunch cooler bags, present custom-branded handbags at a fundraiser or special gift clients with a durable and desirable laptop bag with your branding on it. You could even gift a custom bag to priority contacts based on their personal interests and activities or sponsor a local school sports team with branded drawstring sports packs.

Repeat exposure to a brand logo has proven to boost company interest and customer loyalty significantly, and what better way to keep people aware of your business than giving them something they’ll use and look at daily? Make a statement and impress your staff, guests or favourite customers with a customised, high-quality accessory they’ll be proud to show off for many years to come. Simply pick the promotional bag (or bags) you’d like to use from the selection below, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Promotional Bags Gold Coast
At the Brand Makers, we specialise in affordable, high-quality promotional bags from our Gold Coast head office. Our selection of different bag types, shapes, sizes and forms, as well as our diverse range of customisation options, are perfect for both individuals and businesses. Our promotional bags on the Gold Coast also come in various durable materials and price ranges, suitable for all budgets and uses.
Fit For Function, Packed Full Of Benefits
As promotional items, our bags not only fulfil their common purpose but with branding options and personalisation packed right in, there are many reasons to buy our bags and many more benefits to enjoy!

At the Brand Makers, we know that the use of these bags is not limited to businesses, with many individuals seeking out their own custom or printed bags for personal use. Used as personal gifts for family and friends or for individual use, our bags can be personalised in a variety of ways. For example, for safety, schoolchildren can have their names printed on their bag. Laptop bags can sport personal details. As a gift for a highly prized client or prospect, you can print a design that means something to the receiver.
Built To Last For Lasting Impact
As marketing tools, effectively helping businessmen and women to organise themselves while on the move, our logo-branded bags are the perfect vessel to market your business. And with our design team and high-quality prints, professionals can really make an impact. Used as giveaways and gifts, our bags not only increase brand awareness, but their functionality and frequent use thereof allows for logo exposure long after the bag is given away.

Due to the high-quality materials used during the manufacturing process, you’ll have the most long-lasting, high quality and aesthetically pleasing promotional bag available anywhere in Australia.
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