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Want to see just How Effective Your Brand Can Be?
We help brands to Grow Revenue, Clients, Loyalty and Customer Experience with Print, Promotional Products, Sales Collateral, Signage and Uniforms that your business needs to thrive.  With over 65,000 product ideas, you can save time with us, your single source for marketing tools that drive your business.s

Why Choose
the brand makers?

We Care About the Outcome


Every piece of content, promotional item and marketing activity you’ll implement during your time with us is designed to propel you on a path to a stronger business, helping you to attract and delight the right customer, in the right way, at the right time and we care about the outcome being right for you.



Whether it’s an additional offer, converting a high value new client or just a boost in revenue, we help you to really engage people in meaningful ways, assisting your business to reach new heights. Building your brand is the core of everything we do.

Partnering with You


We aim to facilitate the kind of professional relationship where you see us as less of a simple order-taker, and more of a partner: someone who’s always on hand to assist – no matter the query, no matter the time.

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What We Offer

Marketing and sales tools with advice

In this first stage we look to understand your needs and your business, setting the foundation for great solutions. You and your team are in the driver’s seat, and we help you to ensure that how you see your brand, is also how your clients and suppliers do.

Our relationships with clients last many years, we pride ourselves on showing you value with every interaction.

range of promo ideas
Promotional Products

Design + Creative

Next, the fun bit – seeing how your branding strategy will come to life through print, signage, promotional items, corporate gifts, uniforms and more. You will be personally involved as we confirm your order and commence production.

Sourcing + Manufacturing

With manufacturing in-house, locally in Australia and overseas,
our team has access to a wide network of products (over 35,000 ideas and counting), giving
you the most relevant and effective product solutions.  After all, it’s only a cost to your business if the product doesn’t deliver – we ensure that our products deliver – every time.

screen printing
pick and pack logistics

Logistics + Fulfillment

Finally, the products are warehoused, packaged, finished and delivered –  either to you, your team, or direct to your clients –  in bulk or individually, anywhere in Australia. Delivered as promised and on time.

The Process

What We Do (Really, Really Well)

Marketing Ideas

Product Selection

Brainstorming and developing product &
campaign ideas to solve the marketing needs of your business, organisation, Government agency or not-for-profit cause.

OEM design

Custom Make Expertise

Looking for something completely bespoke (or show stopping)? With our in-house creative and an ability to produce in Australia or around the world, you’re in good hands with us.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

We provide design services including logo design, stationery, packaging, web design and print/digital sales collateral. Our network extends to professional photographers and videographers for high quality media & imaging.

Sourcing & Manfacturing

Sourcing & Manufacturing

Producing the products that will help your business to grow.  With express / quick make through to bulk manufacture offshore for big savings – the solution is built around your deadline needs.



Produce, package and delivery – anywhere in Australia or abroad.  We can even gift package and ship individually to your recipients, making the whole process seamless and a breeze for you.



We can store, pick, pack and deliver any of your
print, promotion, uniforms and branding. Speed of supply or price efficiencies, or perhaps just the reduction in admin burden are all drivers for these programs.


Custom Scarf
Are you a marketing, advertising or other creative agency looking to partner with a branding and promotional products specialist, whose services you’d like to white-label and use for your own clients?

Get in touch below to discuss how our team CAN help yours.

Matching Product With Outcome

The traditional approach to branding and promotional material is to select a number of promotion products, place an order, have them delivered and hope for the best.  This is so lazy and doesn’t guarantee you a great outcome.

The Brand Makers principle works in reverse.

Through first chatting with you and determining your desired outcome, we’ll work backwards with you, ensuring the end product matches up with the desired outcome.  The products are fit for purpose and your brand is at the centre of excellence.

Christmas Gift Box Hamper
Christmas Hamper

The Brand Makers Approach

Throwing anything at the wall and seeing what sticks was never a wise idea. It is costly, it’s ineffective and it’s time consuming.

Instead, we understand your business so that the promotional and branded merchandise products we create, are fit for purpose and designed to drive the right kind of result (and we’ll never ask you to trawl through thousands of pages of products in catalogues – you’ve got better things to do).

How will you know it’s right? Because it will be the result of planning, logic, customer insight, our experience & more. Every item, every piece of branding material, every marketing activity – no matter the size, scale, quantity, or purpose – will be recommended with your business growth in mind. It’s all part of the plan.


Bring your brand to life with infinite possibilities through our variety of promotional items on the Gold Coast. We have promo products to target all your needs, from increased sales and events hosting to improving your client’s experience; we have it all!

Do you want your brand front and centre? Working together with our designers, we can bring your advertising products to life without overdoing it on the branding. Subtly and strategic placement is our specialty!

Our advertising products range from corporate gifting, branded uniforms, awards, gifts and events branding. Do any of these make you excited? Empower your brand by incorporating these high-quality promotional items into your Gold Coast business today!

We know what it takes to build a brand and get excited when partnering with new brands to strategise and drive your business forward. When you work with the Brand Makers, you are working with years of experience in brand building and exposure. We love working with you to share our expertise to help take your brand to the next level.


Do you want to look professional to your clients, partners and employees? Our corporate promotional products are designed strategically for each of their unique purposes. Corporate gifting is essential to keep your brand in the back of your clients and partners mind. Therefore, professionally branded products in Brisbane are a highly profitable action for your business to take.

During special times of the year, such as Christmas time, we help brands create a memorable experience for their clients through unique and quality gifting with their brand at the centre. A thoughtful and strategic gift like this can make all the difference in your partnership over the next year.

Businesses we support include Real estate, B2B, online retail, sporting clubs, political elections, government and more!


Our corporate promotional products and branded products in Brisbane are essential to encourage and boost loyalty from your clients. Gifting that is especially custom-designed for a significant client can make all the difference in your business relationship. From professional stationery to branded uniforms, we ensure your brand won’t be forgotten.

Working together with you, we can develop strategic engagement with your clients through high-quality, thoughtful gifting and branded accessories. We can also work out how best to utilise every point of contact with your client to ensure no opportunity is missed. Therefore, every time your brand is seen or experienced, it is tied to memorable experiences.

We’ve helped build over 8,000 Australian

brands sO FAR





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