Digital marketing has been so transformational in business growth that, ironically, it is causing business owners to drop the ball in the bigger picture of marketing. This puts your competitors at an advantage.

One marketing tool that delivers top results along the Gold Coast and around the world is promotional products. Trends change, and choices of these products are being changed by the market segments of Millennials and Gen Xers. As they our current and future consumers, respectively, and they loathe low-quality giveaways that are not durable or are without purpose, we recommend clients choose wisely.

So, what is the impact of promotional products on the marketplace?

The Truth Is In The Numbers

Market studies, of which there are many, indicate that promotional item recipients keep the item for over eight months. This places your advertisement in front of them, regularly, for eight months – far more ‘facetime’ than paid advertising or SEO rankings. Umbrellas are one of the longer-lasting items (14 months), and hats came in ‘low’ at 7 months.

Promotional products are often shared or regifted, about 64%, which is another bonus as your advert reaches another member of the market. This giveaway mostly occurs after the first recipient has used it for many months – now that is a great return on investment!

Market research also clearly shows an increase in brand respect when good promotional products have been gifted as they are tangible and create a physical link. They also, very importantly, build brand familiarity due to regularly ‘sightings’.

How Popular Are Promotional Items?

Looking at Millennials and Gen Xers as a target market you would need to make strategic choices for promotional items. Take the time to look at trends talked about by your target market and their buying patterns, then research related trends for the upcoming year.  Or skip the research and consult a professional like the Brand Makers.

Millennials and Gen Xers love all things tech, which makes wireless earbuds a great promotional gift example – great for music, podcasts, and calls. They are relevant and have a purpose. The iPhone X doesn’t even have a headphones auxiliary port. And when your recipient loses one pod of an existing pair, yours can step in and save the day.

In the promotional items market, the global growth rate for the period 2020-2024 is expected to be 3.1%, with an incremental spend forecasted to be $4 billion. This is greatly skewed in 1st world countries with growth rates of over 15%.

With a 15.1% growth rate over 5 years, with total sales of $24 billion expected per annum in the USA alone – for one reason only… it works.

Promotional products work because they stand out from the digital noise, the billboards and the plethora of printed matter. Astute consumers filter out most advertising, yet they have a recall rate of up to 85% of branded promotional products. A physical item can be touched and interacted with – you experience it physically within your immediate world.

Promotional items are experiential marketing, physically located in your world. That is powerful!

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Well-chosen promotional products and items can go a long way with deepening your relationship with your Gold Coast customers. Talk to the Brand Makers team of branding specialists today and get your brand physically into your client’s space.