Smart marketers always seek the strongest ratio of spending versus impact. A survey of 100,000 consumers found that branded promotional items, such as bags, were preferred above all other advertising. Finance calculations show that dollar for dollar has the best marketing investment ROI (return on investment) along the Gold Coast.

The great ROI is not by chance. To get the best swagger out of your Swag (promotional items), it must be aligned to your brand, have a purpose, follow the trends of your target market and must not be cheap. Whether it’s a promotional bag or a stylus, the same rules apply.

Here are some swagger guidelines to help you:

The Swag Items Inherent Message Vs The Brand Message

Is a torch the right gift to hand out by an electrical utility company? It could be saying the lights won’t always be on. But if that company is diversifying into renewables and the torch was a wind-up torch- that could be a better match. However, it would probably be better to choose a wind-up radio in the latter example to focus away from power outages.

Don’t Do Cheap – Repeat 3 Times

Cheap is not always bad, but there are very few brands that can benefit from it. A fridge magnet for your favourite pizza store makes sense, or the emergency number for your GP but not for luxury brands. Cheap T-shirts…they’ll get used as rags.

Top-quality promotional bags are great but don’t repeatedly hand them out – that is sloppy. Cheap bags – be careful. A transparent beach bag/shopping bag would be versatile and appropriate for many outdoor-related brands.

Crass Caps

Bad caps land up in bins, 60% in fact, or has a kids dress-up headdress glued to it.

The majority of people in sunny locations wear caps as a result of their fine weather. What they don’t wear are low quality or ill-fitting caps.

Emotional Connections

Consider what your target market cares about. Do you service the properties of homeowners? They usually have a beloved pooch. Leave a gift of inexpensive treats in a small branded bag with a pretty ribbon for the pup after each visit and a thank you card. The owner’s heart will melt.

Watch your social media channels start buzzing, and your review scores start climbing.

Understand Your Audience

Humans are subjective. What one person loves, another might dislike. But there are degrees within that – a client might hate giveaway pens but might adore a space pen that writes at any angle.

Know and understand your audience, and your product choice will be more on target.

Bad Swag

Bad swag sticks like unpleasant stuff to the bottom of your shoe. Clients will laugh at the brand and not in a good way.

Choose a promotional item with a message that is aligned with your brand. Avoid qualities that may tarnish the value of your own brand, BUT do ask your promotional items service provider for innovative, affordable ways to convey a message. Avoid bad hats or flimsy t-shirts and look for an emotional link that you can tie into. This leads to naturally understanding your audience.

Well-chosen promotional products and quality promotional bags can go a long way with deepening your relationship with your Gold Coast customers. Talk to the Brand Makers team of branding specialists today and get the smartest, most memorable swagger into your swag.